Archie Does Pulp's "Common People"

<i>Archie</i> Does Pulp's "Common People"
If we all rewind to 1995, Pulp had the anthem of the year with the brilliantly realised "Common People," a song that not only made the band legends at a downtrodden Glastonbury, but also found them unlikely success worldwide even beyond the trappings of Britpop's nauseating reign.

With an unforgettable video (starring Jude Law's former squeeze, Sadie Frost), Pulp were immortalised in pop culture, thanks to the song's narrative. Well, now Jarvis Cocker's story has been nicely cut and pasted into the ultimate medium: Archie.

Assuming Cocker's role of the protagonist, Archie tells his tale to buddy Jughead, introducing the eager Veronica to the world of the commoner through a series of frames that fit the song's subject matter quite nicely. You can read the whole thing here or check it out synced to Pulp's song in two YouTube videos below.

Another installment is promised for Pulp's "This Is Hardcore," which , as you might know, could put Archie, Veronica and Betty into some interesting and compromising positions.

Archie does "Common People" Part One

Archie does "Common People" Part Two

Pulp "Common People"

Pulp "This is Hardcore"