Arcade Fire's Spike Jonze-directed Short Film to Premiere Next Month

Arcade Fire's Spike Jonze-directed Short Film to Premiere Next Month
If you were a fan of Arcade Fire's Spike Jonze-helmed clip for "The Suburbs," you will be glad to know that the video is just a teaser for something greater.

When news of the collaboration leaked last spring, it was noted that the band and the director had got together to make a short film, and that's something we haven't forgotten. Those hoping to have the initial clip's mix of teen drama and political tension make a bit more sense should know that the longer piece, titled Scenes from the Suburbs, will make its official debut at the Berlin International Film Festival next month.

The film will premiere as part of a program of shorts titled "Berlinale Shorts: The Future Today. Music in Pictures. Dada Burns Genre" during the festival, which run from February 10 to 20. This is what the program has to say about the Jonze flick:

In Scenes from the Suburbs, Spike Jonze expands the music video into a film without abandoning the structure of a clip. The future has become reality. And the threat lies in the proximity of the military. Memories of a past summer.

That keeps things pretty vague, but hopefully we will find out why those tanks have closed off the tiny community, why people are being hassled by armed guards or why that one kid beat the hell out of his friend at the fast food restaurant. We're guessing a little dialogue could spell it all out for us.

Unfortunately, so far there is no word of any other screenings for Scenes from the Suburbs.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.