Arcade Fire's New Single in Stores and Online Now

Arcade Fire's New Single in Stores and Online Now
UPDATE: Head to our Click Hear department to listen to the new Arcade Fire track "Month of May."

UPDATE 2: Click Hear now has "The Suburbs" as well.

Despite us already being on the verge of Arcade Fire overkill, we thought we better share this tidbit of news. Apparently, "The Suburbs"/"Month of May" single is now out, and maybe if you look hard enough, you'll find yourself a copy. Or you could just listen to the single online here.

According to Pitchfork, fans in the UK have got a hold of the release, and have some photos to prove it. This falls in line with Rough Trade's recent listing for the single, which said it would soon be available in stores only (yep, no mail order).

As of yet, there is no word on if the single is available here in North America.

Sorry in advance to record store clerks everywhere who will now have to deal with a million annoying, frantic Arcade Fire-related phone calls.

In some related news, Arcade Fire now have their own high school stage play, and have a pile of tour dates all lined up.