Arcade Fire Take Us Behind The Suburbs, Tegan and Sara Announce The Official Vinyl Collection, and Nardwuar Takes on Drake in This Week's News Roundup

Arcade Fire Take Us Behind <i>The Suburbs</i>, Tegan and Sara Announce <i>The Official Vinyl Collection</i>, and Nardwuar Takes on Drake in This Week's News Roundup
Despite this weekend being a long one, you may want to catch up on what you missed during the workweek. So once again, here's the Exclaim! news roundup.

First up, Exclaim! caught up with Arcade Fire, who have shed some light on their wildly anticipated album The Suburbs. To give you a taste, here's a bit about what the band's bassist Tim Kingsbury had to say about the sounds and themes of The Suburbs: "It's trying to capture the feeling of growing up in that environment, to a certain extent. It's based on reality and [the] fictitious as well; there's a certain element that's almost sci-fi, with the whole suburban war. Really, it's as much of a concept record as our last two records were."

In other Canadian music news, Tegan and Sara revealed their Official Vinyl Collection, Montreal's No Joy signed to Mexican Summer, Neil Young has four unreleased albums on the way, and Nardwuar met up with Drake, who talked all about masturbation, bras and Canadian hip-hop.

Also, this week we had Animal Collective's Avey Tare announcing his debut solo album, Kanye West spitting rhymes at the staff of Facebook (and nixing the album title Good Ass Job), Kings of Leon being forced offstage by a deluge of pigeon excrement and Owen Ashworth speaking to Exclaim! about the end of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

Finally, a painfully bad imitation of Daft Punk was passed off as the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Still, some people took the bait even though the songs in no way, shape or form "blurred the line between sound design and music."

And remember that thing about Brian Eno doing a record for Warp? Well, you can file that one under "confirmed."