Arcade Fire Secret Show to Hit Toronto This Week?

Arcade Fire Secret Show to Hit Toronto This Week?
Toronto fans who heard about the Arcade Fire's secret, intimate show in Montreal last Friday (June 4), you can stop looking so jealous now: the band apparently have a secret show scheduled for sometime later this week, between June 10 and 12.

Of course, details are incredibly scarce, but Quest management employee Scott Rodger got the ball rolling yesterday afternoon (June 7) by tweeting: "Arcade Fire...Toronto weekend coming up."

And that's not all. Later in the day, Collective Concerts posted on the promoter's Twitter account that there was a "Major concert announcement coming Wednesday at noon..."

Of course, rumours are now flying about where the show might happen, with the Phoenix being named as a possible venue. While we usually dig the Phoenix as a concert venue, it seems just a little big for a secret show, considering the Montreal venue held only 50 people.

Either way, we've got our ears to the ground. And, worse comes to worse, you could always check out the band when they hit Toronto Island later this summer. That date, plus a number of others, can be seen here.

Below is footage of the Arcade Fire's secret show in Montreal. Based on the size of this venue, our intern's bedroom is now a viable venue option for the Toronto show.