Arcade Fire Reveal Spike Jonze-directed "Science Fiction B-movie Companion Piece" to The Suburbs

Arcade Fire Reveal Spike Jonze-directed "Science Fiction B-movie Companion Piece" to <i>The Suburbs</i>
It's a crazy week for the Arcade Fire. Having just released their hugely anticipated third LP, The Suburbs, the band are now set to conquer the audio/visual world. In a recent interview discussing the group's collaboration with Spike Jonze, Win Butler revealed that the Arcade Fire are working on a short film inspired by sci-fi images The Suburbs stirred in both Jonze and Butler's minds.

Speaking with Pitchfork, Butler revealed that he wasn't just working on a music video with Jonze. "It's a short film; we're still working on it. It's like a science fiction B-movie companion piece for the record."

Of course, Butler elaborated: "Basically, we played Spike some music from the album and the first images that came to his mind had the same feeling as this idea for a science fiction film I had when I was younger. My brother and I and Spike wrote it together, which was really fun - it was like total amateur hour.

"We shot it in Austin and a lot of kids are in the film, and it was great just hanging out with these 15-year olds for a week and writing down all the funny things they said. It was cool to revert to being a 15-year-old for a little while."

There's no word yet on when the collaborative project will be finished, or even how long the film will be, but if you're dying for some audio/visual Arcade Fire, you might want to tune in this Thursday (August 5) when the band will stream their Madison Square Garden performance, courtesy of film director Terry Gilliam. (Spoon and Owen Pallett will open.)

And since they're doing you that favour, why not return it? The band are looking for submissions of photos of your suburbs (and yours and yours) to adorn the backdrop of their show. Share your suburbs here, and ask the band a pre-show interview question by tweeting the group at #amexarcadefire and they will respond during a special pre-show segment before the 10 p.m. EST performance.

The band spoke to Exclaim! recently about The Suburbs, as well. See what bassist Tim Kingsbury had to say about the album's sound and its thematic core here, and check out our album review here.