Arcade Fire Present "The Suburbs," Then Don't

Arcade Fire Present "The Suburbs," Then Don't
We wouldn't usually report such a sliver of news based so much in speculation, but when it comes to certain bands, all rules of journalism are null and void. Like, for example, Montreal's Arcade Fire. This morning (May 13), the band's website had a banner that read "Arcade Fire presents 'The Suburbs,'" and now we're all excited because it might possibly be an album.

The banner has since been taken down, leaving just "The Arcade Fire presents" and a bunch of tour dates, but as Joel's Arcade Fire Blog points out, the post is, in all likeliness, the first step towards promoting the band's forthcoming third LP.

Or it could have something to do with the band's reported film with Spike Jonze. After all, the band do have a nice handful of summer dates planned, don't they? They've got to be in support of something.

Those dates, along with the mysterious leftover banner, can be seen here.

UPDATE: "The Suburbs" has now been removed from the source code as well.

UPDATE 2: Joel's Arcade Fire Blog now points to posting on showing a new Arcade Fire vinyl single out June 1 called "Suburbs"/"Month of May." We'd say the mystery just thickened here, folks.

UPDATE 3: According to a band rep [via Pitchfork], the Amazon listing is incorrect. But good news: Arcade Fire have confirmed on their website that they have finished pressing a new twelve-inch, which "should be in stores in the next couple weeks."