Arcade Fire Finish Score to Richard Kelly's The Box, Pen 80 Minutes Worth of New Material

Arcade Fire Finish Score to Richard Kelly's <i>The Box</i>, Pen 80 Minutes Worth of New Material
As some Arcade Fire fans may recall, there was a lot of hubbub last year over the band supposedly scoring an upcoming film by Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly. First reports surfaced in May 2008 that the Montrealers were writing the score to Kelly's The Box. Then the group issued a statement a few days later quashing the rumours, only to later confirm in December that they were indeed doing the score with Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett. And while we're still not sure why the band denied their involvement to begin with, Kelly has now revealed the Arcade Fire-penned score is in the bag, and it's apparently pretty massive.

In a recent interview with AICN [via The Playlist], the director said he has received the final score, which was penned by Pallett and Arcade Fire's Win Butler and Régine Chassagne, and it's a whopping 80 minutes long. He also went on to say that it's used prominently throughout the film and has a feel similar to the scores done by Bernard Hermann, the composer behind Psycho.

However, it appears that Arcade Fire aren't the only band featured in the film, and apparently The Box includes a whole lot of '70s rock as well.

"There's a sequence in the library with no dialogue for four minutes that's all music. It's a very score-heavy film," Kelly said. "And there's pop songs in it, too. We have Eric Clapton, Grateful Dead, Wilson Pickett, Scott Walker and the Marshall Tucker Band. It's Virginia 1976, so I wanted to have that southern rock flavour."

Kelly didn't give any details on whether any of the music from the film would be released as a soundtrack, or when such a release could be expected. But considering the huge Arcade Fire score plus all the '70s selections, it would definitely have to venture into double-disc territory if it was to include everything.

As for the movie itself, The Box has a tentative release date of October 30.