Arcade Fire Detail Scenes from the Suburbs

Arcade Fire Detail <i>Scenes from the Suburbs</i>
Last week wasn't a great one for Arcade Fire, as the beloved Montreal rockers were accused of being "not good people" by indie filmmaker Vincent Moon and also got ripped off by Microsoft on a new ad campaign. Hopefully, this week will be better for the band, as they've started it off by unveiling the details of their movie with Spike Jonze.

Last month, we reported that Jonze's Scenes from the Suburbs would premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival. Now, courtesy of Arcade Fire's official website, we have some more details to offer about the film.

Not only was the film inspired by their 2010 album The Suburbs, Arcade Fire clearly played a major role in shaping the project. The film was co-written by Win and Will Butler (along with Jonze), and the band are credited as executive producers. As you can see in the film poster (which is here in its uncropped form), it's tagged "Arcade Fire Presents..." Naturally, the band made all of the music as well.

The film is 30 minutes long. There isn't an official trailer yet, but it builds off Jonze's already-released music video for "The Suburbs," which you can see below. According to the Berlin International Film Festival website, "Spike Jonze expands the music video into a film without abandoning the structure of a clip. The future has become reality. And the threat lies in the proximity of the military. Memories of a past summer."

This page has a slightly longer description, which reads, "A group of suburban youths. Back then, in the summer, so long ago. They couldn't leave town because outside the country was at war and the military controlled life and all gateways. The teenagers wander aimlessly about town. Winter is a long way off. And love and longing and friendship still mean -- everything."

If you happen to be in Germany this month, watch Scenes from the Suburbs at one of the screenings listed here.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.