Arcade Fire/Bell Orchestre's Richard Parry to Team Up with Nico Muhly

Arcade Fire/Bell Orchestre's Richard Parry to Team Up with Nico Muhly
Besides being a main inspiration for Spike Jonze's breathtaking Where the Wild Things Are, the members of Arcade Fire have been busy with a new album and a soundtrack to Richard Kelly's The Box. But that doesn't mean the band's multi-instrumentalist and Bell Orchestre member Richard Parry hasn't found the time for other creative outlets.

As TwentyFourBit points out, Parry has teamed up with indie-friendly composer Nico Muhly to write a new musical piece for an orchestra. The piece is called "For Heart and Breath and Orchestra", and will be performed by the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony at the Royal Conservatory's Koerner Hall on October 29.

According to a description from the Royal Conservatory, this is not one to miss:

For Heart and Breath and Orchestra is the third in a series of compositions which use automatic/involuntary muscles in the human body (specifically the lungs and the heart) as the performance parameters. All of the notes are read from a score, but the tempos at which they are played are all governed by either the heart rate or breathing rate of the individual players, or the conductor. During the performance, many of the performers wear stethoscopes which enable them to play in synch with their own heartbeats. At other times the performers play directly in synch with their own individual breathing, or are cued by the conductor who uses his/her own breath rate to determine the tempo.

Tickets and a brief audio sample are available here.