Arcade Fire Scenes From the Suburbs (trailer)

Arcade Fire <i>Scenes From the Suburbs</i> (trailer)
It's been almost a year since we learned that Arcade Fire would be working with celebrated filmmaker Spike Jonze. First the artists released the video for "The Suburbs," a heart-warming, but ominous clip about growing up in a police state. We then learned that the video was just a piece of a much bigger picture, namely a 30-minute short film called Scene From the Suburbs. While the initial vid could have sufficed as a preview for the flick, a new trailer has just popped up, complete with dialogue.

"When I think back about that summer," Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler narrates, "I don't think much about the army."

From there the trailer jumbles scenes of suburban malaise and young love with probing cavity search scenes and hovering choppers, all set to the tune of the band's "Month of May." Still no word on the exact release date, but the clip promises Scenes From the Suburbs is coming soon to DVD.

Check out the trailer below.