Arcade Fire "Culture War" / "Speaking in Tongues" (ft. David Byrne)

Arcade Fire "Culture War" / "Speaking in Tongues" (ft. David Byrne)
As previously reported, Arcade Fire are giving their Grammy-winning album The Suburbs the deluxe treatment. There are a pile of extra goodies set to be included in the forthcoming reissue, including the new songs "Culture War" and the David Byrne-equipped "Speaking in Tongues," both of which are now streaming online.

Via Listen Before You Buy, you can hear the new Arcade Fire tracks in the players below.

And as for that deluxe edition of  The Suburbs, that arrives via Merge on August 2.

Arcade Fire - Culture War by ListenBeforeYouBuy

Arcade Fire - Speaking In Tongues by ListenBeforeYouBuy