Arca Unveils Wench Project with Debut Single "Sick"

Arca Unveils Wench Project with Debut Single "Sick"
Last year, prolific producer Arca dropped a score simply dubbed Sheep for a Hood By Air fashion show. Now, he's revealed that he's working on an album with Hood By Air's Shayne Oliver under the moniker Wench.

According to Dazed, the pair have amassed dozens of songs that feature Oliver stepping in to cover vocal duties with a "combination of chanting and singing and rap."

Describing the collaboration, Oliver told Dazed, "A lot of it comes from chanting and mantras. Letting up my soul. I think, more than anything else, the beats that were selected were very sexy. You know what I mean? And I reacted to that. They are sexy chants. But not in the way of, 'I'm going to take you home and take off your panties' — it's more sensual."

The first snippet from the project has arrived in the form of a track called "Sick," which you can hear right now. It opens with a dreamy, chopped up beat courtesy of Arca before Oliver's manipulated vocals kick in, delivering a mixture of speaking and unsettling laughter.

Listen to "Sick" in the player below.