Arca "Soichiro"

Arca 'Soichiro'
Since last year's Xen, Venezuelan-born producer Arca has shared a couple of non-album tracks. Now, he's got a full-length called Mutant in the works, and he's just shared a brand new track called "Soichiro."

This adventurous instrumental cut mixes the soothing with the unsettling, as woozy soup of synths is injected with abstract electronic squiggles and jarring beats that manage to be rhythmic without ever settling into anything resembling a groove. It takes its title from the middle name of Arca visual collaborator Jesse Kanda.

The music is accompanied by some simple visuals in which we see an extended blurry shot of a man's shirtless, blue-lit upper body. Check it out below.

Look for Mutant to arrive through Mute. There's no confirmed release date just yet, but it's expected later this fall.