Arca Angles

Post, neo, rock opera, whatever it’s called it’s something I am not a fan of. Similar to Godspeed You! Black Emperor mixed with Black Tape for a Blue Girl or a more introspective Do Make Say Think or Fly Pan Am, but this was a surprise in that it really grabbed hold of me. It is very filmic, like it is trying to tell a story or remind you of past occurrences. Guitars (acoustic and electric), glockenspiel, cello, drums, bass, clarinets, keyboards and electronics add many a sound to the music. Voice samples, sometimes slightly distorted as if taken from a radio or television, mix perfectly with the music side of things. The glockenspiel plays pretty, rhythmic, music box, melodies while the clarinets are heard in a subdued loop fashion, which is very touching. Guitar sounds are both waves of reverb and melodic strumming and the mix of electronic and other instruments is astounding, even when contrasting loud rock out blends with the mellow programming. It is all sweetly tinged with melancholy and has a sad, emotive, shimmering quality that makes for a very special listen, beautiful. (Les Disques du Soleil et de l’Ac)