Arbutus Records Launches Subsidiary Label Movie Star

Arbutus Records Launches Subsidiary Label Movie Star
Since 2009, Montreal-based Arbutus Records has been putting out a number of notable releases to pump up their local scene. From experimental electro chanteuse Grimes to Braids side-project Blue Hawaii, the label has already racked up a pretty killer roster. The problem, however, is that with so many great local acts but a limited budget, a lot of good music gets lost in the ether. Enter Arbutus's new subsidiary label, Movie Star, which will focus on releasing albums digitally.

While a press release for the new imprint explains that it will put out the occasional limited tape release, the bulk of Movie Star's catalogue will be available as pay-what-you-want downloads.

First up is Flow Child's third album, Body Go. As the solo project of Kyle Jukka (a member of Arbutus signees Pop Winds), Flow Child's latest is "rich, rhythmic, emotional and futuristic" music apparently tailor made for loft parties.

Next up is hazy synth duo Solar Year's new Brotherhood EP, which features "molasses synths punctured by long handclaps and beautiful melodic movement," not to mention some Auto-Tuned vocals.

Movie Star has also just issued a haunting electro set by Majical Cloudz, consisting of Pop Winds member Devon Welsh and artist Matthew E. Duffy, called II. The collaborative cassette release recalls "easy and free" '90s dance music and features guest appearances from Grimes.

Each set is currently available on a pay-what-you-can system at the Arbutus website.