Årabrot Årabrot

Since appearing on the noise rock scene like a dark star in 2001, Årabrot have been steadily raising stakes and expectations. Their most recent full-length, 2011's Solar Anus, netted them a Norwegian Grammy award and year-end-list cred; now, their sixth studio album must not only serve as a viable follow-up, but places extra pressure on itself by virtue of being self-titled. Happily, Årabrot is a bestial, sludgy, metallic noise rock monster. There are more moments of subtlety, such as the raw vocals accompanied only by drums on "Ha-Satan Dêofol," but these in now way detract from the steam-engine power driving the record. This is noise with hooks and a positively pop-esque catchiness, from the anthemic "Arrabal's Dream" (featuring guest vocals from Kylesa's Laura Pleasants) to the chaotically infectious "The Horns of the Devil Grow." Rarely is a record this brutal and unapologetically strange while simultaneously being so seductive. This is Årabrot's finest work to date. (Fysisk)