Arab Strap to Reissue First Two Albums

Arab Strap to Reissue First Two Albums
Gloomy Scots Arab Strap broke up back in 2006, but a string of solo albums, side-projects and sex columns means that they haven't been forgotten. Now, Chemikal Underground is getting set to reissue the band's first two albums, 1996's The Week Never Starts Round Here and 1998's Philophobia, along with a heap of extras.

Both albums will be released as two-CD sets, featuring live performances and radio appearances. The Week Never Starts Round Here is an especially intriguing package, since it comes with a recording of the band's first ever show from October 1996, plus a Peel Session featuring members of Belle and Sebastian.

All of these extra materials were already released earlier this year as part of Chemikal Underground's massive Arab Strap box set, Scenes of a Sexual Nature. Of course, the new reissues are better suited to casual fans who don't want to drop $102.96 (plus shipping) in one go.

The reissues will be on shelves August 17. You can see the tracklists below.

The Week Never Starts Round Here:


1. "Coming Down"

2. "The Clearing"

3. "Driving"

4. "Gourmet"

5. "I Work in a Saloon"

6. "Wasting"

7. "General Plea to a Girlfriend"

8. "The First Big Weekend"

9. "Kate Moss"

10. "Little Girls"

11. "Phone Me Tonight"

12. "Blood"

13. "Deeper"


Peel Session 1 (March 1997):

1. "The Smell of Outdoor Cooking"

2. "Soaps"

3. "I Saw You"

4. "The First Big Peel Thing"

First show, recorded at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (October 1996):

5. "The Clearing"

6. "Driving"

7. "Gourmet"

8. "I Work in a Saloon"

9. "Wasting"

10. "General Plea to a Girlfriend"

11. "I Work in a Saloon"

12. "Phone Me Tonight"

13. "Blood"

14. The First Big Weekend"



1. "Packs of Three"

2. "Soaps"

3. "Here We Go"

4. "New Birds"

5. "One Day, After School"

6. "Islands"

7. "The Night Before the Funeral"

8. "Not Quite a Yes"

9. "Piglet"

10. "Afterwards"

11. "My Favourite Muse"

12. "I Would've Liked Me a Lot Last Night"

13. "The First Time You're Unfaithful"


Peel Session 2 (March 1998):

1. "Packs of Three"

2. "Piglet"

3. "The Night Before the Funeral"

4. "Blood"

Live at T in the Park festival (1998):

5. Kate Moss"

6. Little Girls"

7. Phone Me Tonight"

8. Blood"

9. Deeper"

10. I Would've Liked Me a Lot Last Night"