Arab On Radar The Stolen Singles

Comprising of various out-of-print seven-inch singles and other rarities, The Stolen Singles is perhaps the current definitive view (a distorted one, that is) of this mechanical disco-Devo-Residents-Fugazi-Constantines-like minimal prog-punk pop group from Rhode Island. The drumming throughout the disc seems to show that it all begins with the snare and high-hat, and the guitars and bass cringe and contort around it, as if trying to escape the regiments of the beats, and the vocals, straight out of The Fly movie series, sounds like someone being sent down a drain unwillingly. While this group is sure to annoy some, this could be part of their intent, although the group is more likely bent on testing one's patience and ability to look deeper into the soil than just playing it safe on the surface. Quite wild, nasty and noxious in a good way indeed — like eating too much candy and loving it despite feeling toxic. (Three One G)