Aqua Alta '2' (EP stream)

Aqua Alta'2' (EP stream)
When Jenn Grant launched her Aqua Alta side-project with Graeme Campbell and Charles Austin, she promised to release a string of digital EPs ahead of a full-length. Now, we've got the project's second mini-release.

Simply called 2, the EP contains just three songs. Opener "Sparse" lives up to its name with soft synth tones and a few wordless vocal coos towards the end. "Norwegian Jewel" picks up the mood, but only barely, with slow-moving electronics, guitar chimes and earthy vocals. "Silvery Tones" — which was the first song the group wrote together — offers more subtle synths, but the mood is a touch darker with some more anxious percussion touches. The band's press materials fittingly describe their style as "undersea dream pop."

The group will make their live debut at Halifax Pop Explosion this month. Expect their full-length to drop next year.