Appliance Are You Earthed?

Appliance’s six-year career has gone in a few different directions, but mostly in a downward motion. After an impressive EP and some ace singles, their debut album kind of missed the mark, and the much darker follow-up missed by miles. If they’d been noticed and given a real chance, they would have been written off by now, but Appliance Mk II starts with their third and best album to date. Are You Earthed? offers a much more accessible sound that reeks of motivation compared to its predecessors. Fixed on blissful, intergalactic, electrified rock it still manages to remain dark in some bits, but also opens up quite a bit. They create a colourful vision on "88,” managing to achieve a whirling kaleidoscope of sound. Even more developed is their sense of pop music with a full-on catchy single in "Go Native,” which has a heavy Primal Scream bass line to coincide with a Clinic-type beat. Unfortunately though, the band can’t shake those dull instrumentals, which have always hurt their music in the past. With its ultra funky rhythm section "The Blue Rider” has a lot of promise, until you realise that the vocals aren’t going to show up. Excusing that small indulgent weakness of Appliance’s, they have finally delivered an album that makes their future something to anticipate. (Mute)