Appleton & Treu Wunderbra!

A collaboration between two electro-acoustic practitioners, Jon Appleton and Kunstler Treu (Eleganz Rec./Ex-Dauerfisch). This is some very unusual music being put forth by these artists. With wavering flute tones and church organ loops, jazzy beats and cheesy computer techno (in a good way), they weave their path through ‘60s lounge groove, seductive ‘70s sex music, and ambient musings of the ‘80s. The bass mixes modern rhythmical dub parts, hip-hop beats, and strange rhythm from days of old. On the top layer there exist repetitive male and female vocals (occasionally with weird effects), ’50s style orchestral strings, and various ethnic-sounding instruments. All is surrounded by goofy, jazz inflections making one think of empty, wet streets in the middle of the night. Even damaged video game noise blurps in and around sad, mellow keyboards while tinkering Asian hammered dulcimer and guitar strums loop to the beat. The last track is totally experimental containing unidentifiable sounds that stray in then exit out again. Insects buzz and chirp, reverbed piano notes glisten, and what seems like an old jazz vocal marred and manipulated, produce a noise fest of a song. Every song is unique; living on its own, worlds of ambient pop with strings, rock instrumental backgrounds, varied samples, and weird electronics; a fun CD. (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)