Appleseed Cast / Love and Mathematics Richards On Richards, Vancouver BC April 10

In one of the most atmospheric venues in town, Richards On Richards, Vancouver was fortunate enough to finally host indie legends the Appleseed Cast for the first time ever. Supporting them were local boys, Love and Mathematics, who were a perfect pairing for the night; complete with layered dreamlike vocals, and a sound that is brimming with sunlight even in the most melancholy of moments, they drift along in slightly eerie tones that blend seamlessly together. Ending on a drawn out piece that swirled around and heaved like the ocean’s waves, the four boys proved to be steady alongside the night’s headliners. The silver and raven bearded Christopher Crisci and his band of warriors in the Appleseed Cast humbly took to the stage shortly thereafter, with a noticeably less polished feel. Their brand of performance feels decidedly more intimate and personal; it’s as if the audience is sitting in on a rehearsal or jam session where the music takes priority and the musicians themselves are solely absorbed in the sound they are creating rather than the persona they are portraying. Their show had a distinct feeling of quiet contentment and maturity, as well as a real feeling that the crowd were witnessing talented people do what they do best: create epic, all-encompassing rock littered with intelligent change-ups, emotion charged inflections and melodic variances to make the heart swoon and swell. Vancouver was blessed to have the boys from Lawrence, Kansas on our doorstep, meekly taking our hearts and winning us over in the flesh, and hopefully it won’t be such an elongated wait for their next visit.