Applescal 'Mirage' (EP stream)

Applescal 'Mirage' (EP stream)
Working as Applescal, Berlin-based DJ Pascal Terstappen is releasing a new EP this week called Mirage. The mini-effort can now be streamed in full here on

In a press release, Terstappen explained that Mirage, which is a collaboration with Amsterdam-based graphic designer Hessel Stuut, saw him take a different approach to music making.

"The Mirage EP is a little darker than the work I've put released in the past," he said. "I sampled world music and meditation music and then messed that up in Ableton. It's a very different approach of making music — I've hardly used samples in my previous output but have realised that sometimes you have to change the way you make music to keep things interesting."

The results are some of his best work yet, offering five unique, forward-thinking tracks. In our review, we observes that it sees him "slowly morphing his sound from traditional melodic techno into more experimental electronic music; and for that, the Mirage EP is a commendable effort."

Listen to Mirage in full below.

The release will be available to order from Atomnation come tomorrow (August 12) over here.