Apples in Stereo Prep Their #1 Hits Explosion

Apples in Stereo Prep Their <i>#1 Hits Explosion</i>
While the Apples in Stereo work away on their upcoming studio album of "futuristic, R&B-ish mega-pop," the Elephant 6 flag bearers have decided to give fans a little something to tide them over. On September 1, Robert Schneider and his cast of shiny, happy music makers will release #1 Hits Explosion, a new best-of collection that will gather up various tracks from the band's 17 years in pop.

Due out via Yep Roc, the release will feature over a dozen Apples favourites, new and old, including songs such as "Ruby," "The Bird That You Can't See," "Strawberryfire" and, of course, "Energy," a track that has made its way onto both American Idol and Pepsi's new ad campaign. Along with the tunes, the set will also include a 16-page booklet of detailed liner notes, some of which were penned by Jeff Kuykendall, who edits the Elephant 6 fan site Optical Atlas.

As far as that proper follow-up to 2007's New Magnetic Wonder is concerned, it's been dubbed Travelers in Space and Time and is due out sometime next year. As previously reported, Schneider has described the new album as "soul music, filtered through a UFO."

"It's super poppy songs and it's very, very different in a really good way," he explained earlier this year. "It's futuristic like it's yesterday's vision of tomorrow."

No word yet of any possible Apples road trips, but here are the tracks on #1 Hits Explosion:

1. "Energy"
2. "Go!"
3. "Strawberryfire"
4. "Tidal Wave"
5. "Please"
6. "The Rainbow"
7. "Seems So"
8. "Same Old Drag"
9. "The Bird That You Can't See"
10. "Shine A Light"
11. "20 Cases Suggestive Of..."
12. "Ruby"
13. "Signal In The Sky"
14. "Can You Feel It?"
15. "Winter Must Be Cold"
16. "Sun Is Out"