Apples In Stereo Let's Go!

Last year, the Apples In Stereo joined Devo, Bis, Frank Black and Cornelius in paying homage to the Cartoon Network's Power Puff Girls, on the compilation Heroes & Villains. Spinart is now releasing that great compilation track, "Signal In The Sky (Let's Go)," as the corner stone for the new Apples EP, featuring the aforementioned slice of Archies bubble-gum brilliance in both its compilation and original demo format. Also included is the Beach Boys song "Heroes and Villains," recorded live in April of last year, and an acoustic studio outtake of "Steam Running Over," one of the best tracks on last year's The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone full-length. We also get the first song recorded by Robert Schneider and his drummer/wife Hilarie Sidney since the birth of their son Max. This sugary sweet EP should hold you over until Schneider's Orchestre Fantastique collaboration with XTC's Andy Partridge is released around Christmas time. (Spinart)