Apple Unveils New iPod Touch

It's the first new iPod since 2015
Apple Unveils New iPod Touch
Thought the iPod was over? Think again, as Apple has refreshed its beloved handheld device with a new, modern model for 2019.

The new iPod Touch was unveiled today, marking the first updated iPod since 2015. In addition to its role as a music player, the device also supports gaming and other apps that were previously used on iPhones.

The new iPod comes in pink, silver, space grey, gold, blue and red (as part of the RED campaign). It starts at $249 for the 32 GB version, with the biggest model costing $489 and offering 256 GB of storage.

Unlike new iPhone models, the iPod Touch still features a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, meaning you don't need to upgrade your headphones to support the lightning connector.

For more information on the new iPod Touch, go here.