Apple to Curb iPhone Concert Filming with New Technology?

Apple to Curb iPhone Concert Filming with New Technology?
While you may relish the fact that you can film your favourite band in concert on your new iPhone, you might want to get those video clips up as fast as you can. Computer company Apple is apparently readying new technology that can sense when you're filming a gig and will shut down your phone automatically.

According to a report from the UK's Sun newspaper, a patent application filed by Apple states that infrared sensors will be able to detect when someone is holding up their iPhone to get a couple quick clips at a concert and will effectively halt the filming function. There are no specific details as to how sensitive the sensors will be. The phones won't be completely disabled, however. You will still be able to text and make calls.

With bootlegged concert clips running rampant on YouTube, the new technology likely has event organizers who have exclusive broadcast rights in mind. The question is, though, will any old show register a movie-making meltdown? While wild light shows and the sheer sonic impact of a big stadium show likely work in concert to prevent illegal vids, what if you're just filming your buddy's band at the local bar? Or your kid's school concert?

On the plus side, hopefully this means our sight lines won't be obstructed by a hundred iPhones any longer.

Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the tip.