Appendix Out Daylight Saving

The second full-length from Appendix Out is another step in their evolution through their folk-inflected world of sombre melody and hushed sounds. This time, singer Ali Roberts’ quiet Scottish lilt (the band hails from Edinburgh) is more fully fleshed out with balancing harmonies of flute (stunningly, on “Tangled Hair”) or co-lead vocals by bandmate Kate Wright on the haunting “The Grey Havens.” Roberts sounds like he’s already put everything he has into writing the songs, and now that he’s recording them, might just expire from the effort before he makes it through. That’s a good thing, though — his emotional exhaustion is propped up by the inventiveness and skill of the band. The unique twist of Roberts’ voice, and fuller instrumentation keeps him just a shade away from his closest contemporary in song, Will Oldham. (The band released an early seven-inch on his Palace Records.) A beautiful record for a slow-moving day. (Drag City)