There's feeling in the circuitry, brooding amidst the wires and effects. Electronic music can be just as heartfelt as any genre, a philosophy that Apostrophic has thoroughly taken to heart. The emerging Vancouver producer is only two EPs deep, but he's already got a knack for crafting emotive soundscapes out of indifferent machinery. Sailing somewhere between post-rock and ambient IDM, Apostrophic teases out each sonic vista into an ever-widening shot, revealing layers of subtlety with each passing moment. This is accomplished through muted guitar-work awash with broad ambience and tender synths, as displayed on the beautiful "Scrch." FLA also plays host to some off-kilter rumblings on tracks "Sunrise" and "Sunset," the former of which features delightful ping pong-esque percussion and nostalgic tones.

All in all, the EP shows great promise from Apostrophic, who has plenty of room to expand on the building blocks shown with this release. This is still early days and that's apparent in the music, but alongside that lies potential, too. It's enough to make you wonder what other gems are hiding in British Columbia.

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