Apiary Lost in Focus

Some beautiful cover art intrigues the listener as to just what this new Metal Blade signing might sound like. Well, like a lot of Metal Blade bands (and there are a lot of them) Apiary are modern and cutting edge, but not in all the best of ways. First off, no doubt, these guys are talented as hell. With a wonderfully bottom-heavy sound, this five-piece play technical hardcore/metal. Is it metalcore? Sure, no reason not to call it that. With the intense vocals (this guy sounds great) and some very cool and fancy drum work, Apiary will definitely appeal to those who like technical metalcore. However, for those who want a goddamn song, Apiary do better than some of their tail-chasing peers, but barely. When they lock into a groove it sounds really powerful, as in "Intervention,” but it seems these guys have a very small attention span and can’t hold on to the good riffs when they find them. Potential all over the place, but it’s ruined by those lame metalcore guitar squeals, and the stress that comes after hearing this kind of thing one too many times. But if they refined their sound a bit, Apiary could be as good as the Red Chord, and that’s no small feat. (Metal Blade)