Aphex Twin's Unreleased Caustic Window Album to See the Light of Day via Kickstarter

Aphex Twin's Unreleased Caustic Window Album to See the Light of Day via Kickstarter
In 1994, Aphex Twin made an album under his Caustic Window moniker that reportedly only ever existed in test pressing form. Earlier this week, though, FACT noted that a test pressing was being sold on Discogs for a whopping $13,500 — a dollar figure likely out of most fans' price range. Luckily, the self-titled Caustic Window album is now slated to be sold to the public.

We Are the Music Makers Forum has struck a deal with the seller — plus, from the sound of things, Aphex Twin himself — to buy the aforementioned test pressing for £5,000 ($9,131 Canadian). The money will be raised via Kickstarter.

There will only be 500 contributors to the fundraising campaign, meaning that everyone needs to contribute a little more than $18 Canadian. Once the cash is raised, the double-LP record will be turned over to We Are the Music Makers administrator Joyrex, who will hire someone to make a high-quality vinyl rip. The 500 contributors will then get a digital copy of the record.

The vinyl record will still be put up for auction on eBay. Apparently, one third of the money raised will go to Aphex Twin and his Rephlex Records as payment, one third will go to charity, and one third will go to the Kickstarter contributors as a rebate of sorts.

The licence from Rephlex only covers the 500 people who contribute to Kickstarter. By the sound of things, the album won't be made available through traditional commercial channels.

The Kickstarter campaign hasn't been launched yet, but keep your eyes peeled for the plan to get underway soon.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter is now live here.

It should be noted a compilation of Caustic Window material did arrive in 1998.