Aphex Twin Talks New Albums: "I've Got Six Completed"

Aphex Twin Talks New Albums: 'I've Got Six Completed'
The last decade has been tough for Aphex Twin fans. Despite the sporadic release here and there, the electronic artist hasn't issued much new material in what feels like forever. In fact, he hasn't put out a proper album since 2001's Drukqs. That doesn't mean, however, that the man born Richard D. James has been slacking off for the better part of a decade.

An interview with Another Man magazine [via FACT] reveals that the guy has been stockpiling albums for years.

"I've got six completed," he told the magazine. "Two are very non-commercial, abstract, modular-synthesis, field recordings – those I finished four years ago. Another one is Melodies From Mars, which I redid about three years ago. There's one of stuff I won't go into; a comp of old tracks, which is never really finished and always changing; and then one I'm working on now. There are also loads of tracks which don't belong anywhere."

While this doesn't necessarily mean that these records will drop anytime soon, we're hoping he doesn't go all Chinese Democracy on us and hold out for another ten years. Not to upset his legions of fans, but let us remind you that he's promised "upcoming releases" before.