Apes & Androids "Creepy Girls"

Apes & Androids "Creepy Girls"
If their name sounds weird and pompous, well, wait till you hear the tunes. Of course they're from NYC, and of course they like to flirt with massive prog rock operas that sound beamed down from planet Frank-N-Furter. But that's not Apes & Androids in a nutshell. They don't stop there, throwing in traces of hip-hop (really), R&B, funk, synth pop and the expected glam influence.

If you imagined a straight Scissor Sisters and replaced the disco obsession with a more Ziggy Stardust fixation, or reduced MGMT from hipsters to sci-fi nerds that wear capes, you'll get a better sense of what this bedazzling five-piece are about.

New album Blood Moon (most of which is available to hear at their MySpace) is only half as weird as their live shows, which are said to contain giant sparkly skulls, a Korean drum circle, cheerleaders and the obligatory face painting. As well there's a heavy indulgence in fluorescent lighting that gives A&A a definite Tron feel.

"Creepy Girls" is a free download courtesy of the ever-so-generous RCRD LBL that showcases their operatics to the max, beginning with circus-like harmonizing before it kick-starts into spacey glam riffing and some vocal histrionics, which all sounds suspiciously like Phantom of the Opera.

If MTV is indeed remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show, well, here is the band to oversee the soundtrack.

Apes & Androids "Creepy GIrl"