Ape War Witchfight

Ape War's Witchfight EP is similar to a car crash: the audio pile-up is difficult to turn away from, despite the less than appealing sight (sound). Additionally, like the chaos of a wreck, the instruments mix together in a seemingly nonsensical mess, which somehow works. The band's bizarre, noisy mix of punk and hardcore, with an occasional metallic tinge, which rises and falls in prominence depending on the song, is hard to understand, but even harder to turn off. Ape War are at their best when at their most chaotic, notably "El Salvador" and "Korean Hard Uncle." On the other hand, the band's most melodic, experimental offering, "Nine Times Out of Ten," which would be mere cacophony for almost any other group, suffers by bringing the weak vocals to the forefront without the chaotic backdrop. Similar to an actual conflict between simians, or witches, Ape War are an intriguing band that will entrance more than a few listeners. (Independent)