A.O.K. If You Don't But This CD The Terrorists Win

As would be expected from any album sporting this too-long title, Edmonton MC A.O.K. (aka Assault On Knowledge) presents his fair share of controversial topics. On "Unintelligent Redesign,” A.O.K. counters the arguments of creationists with a timely rebuttal to Ben Stein’s documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and takes the religious subject one step further on "You Are a God.” "Freedom is a State of Mind” breaks down the impossibility of true freedom, connecting the dots between a set of quotes from George W. Bush and Martin Luther King, Jr., and A.O.K. finishes off the album with a bonus track on Middle East politics over Middle East-inspired production featuring guests Cousin Moe and Spinning Truth. But it’s not all serious. With opening anthem track "Walk Like a Man,” A.O.K. shows his swagger and then on smooth "Hip Hop a la Mode,” he demonstrates his lyrical wordplay. "Miss Greenlay” and "Coffee Shop Girl” cover two different sides of the hip-hop love ballad, while "The Hood Samaritans” is a humorous homage to Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Album highlights "Tales From Planet Grolic” and "Fake I.D.” attack the current state of hip-hop, with the former putting a unique spin on what is fast becoming an underground staple. If You Don’t Buy This CD The Terrorists Win is a refreshing release from an artist intent on providing variety within his music, and is certainly worth finding for those interested in the same. (Ill-Legitimate)