Anvil Songs To Be Featured in Rock Band

Anvil Songs To Be Featured in <i>Rock Band</i>
Following the highly praised release of their excellent documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil, Canadian metal legends Anvil are furiously rebuilding their lost fan base. According to a report from Billboard, the band have re-recorded three classic songs for inclusion in Rock Band.

The songs are "666," "Metal on Metal" and the never before heard song "Thumb Hang" from pre-Anvil group Lips. "We did them in Toronto, just recently," drummer Robb Reiner said. "The original tapes were gone from the early records, but the band is far superior today than it was 30 years ago in every aspect. You can tell it's the same band that's only gotten better, so why not take a crack at this stuff?"

This is just the beginning for the reemergence of Anvil. There are also talks of album reissues and embarking on a world tour. "I'm completely excited about it," Reiner told Billboard. "It's a great feeling... being discovered and rediscovered in one blast. Right now our focus is to build the movie and the band and see where it all goes from there."

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