Antwood Signs to Planet Mu for 'Virtuous.scr'

Antwood Signs to Planet Mu for 'Virtuous.scr'
Following a few online releases using the literary world-punning name of Margaret Antwood, Canadian producer Tristan Douglas has chopped the moniker in half for a full-length debut. The first release as just Antwood is called Virtuous.scr, and it arrives April 29 via Planet Mu.

In addition to noting the name change, a press release explains that the 12 song set is themed around the development of artificial intelligence. Via a mix of mechanical sounds and melody, the record is said to contemplate "whether or not an AI can have a set of ethics, and if not, how close can it get to being like human intelligence?"

Sonically, it's said to possess a "dark cartoonish cinematic feel," with the results pushing Virtuous.scr somewhere near the realms of computer game music and anime soundtracks. Though songs have yet to stream in full, you can hear snippets from the set now over on the Planet Mu site.

A full tracklisting for Virtuous.scr can be found down below.

Prior to the Planet Mu-backed Virtuous.scr, and as Margaret Antwood, Douglas released music with labels including Cocobass and B.YRSLF Division.


1. a.l.i.c.i.a
2. Anthracite
3. Overlay Network
4. Lung
5. Interlude Part II
6. Sneakers
7. Spirit Fabric
8. Prototype HA
9. Realization
11. Uncanny Valley
12. Yontoo How To Get Rid