Antiseen Best Of

Raking the muck even further, TKO brings us the most comprehensive compilation of grime-laden Southern rock-meets-punk imaginable. From the boys who proudly backed shock rocker G.G. Allin, while able to gross out a few folks on their own terms, comes this two-CD, 40-track compilation of the band’s (arguably) best work. While Antiseen are far from over, this best of manages to squish 25 years of disturbing attitude and confrontational themes into one pretty, embossed package. From "Queen City Stomp” through "Wifebeater,” "Hippy Punk,” "Hate For Power,” "Fuck All Yall” and more, these bouts of four-chord rock’n’roll meets twang and questionable ethics are the be-all and end-all of any ANTiSEEN collection. This is so stupid it’s brilliant. (TKO)