Antigama Discomfort

The bands that have emerged Poland and other Eastern European countries in the past few years are beginning to make their presence known on an international playing field. Meshuggah comes to mind during the opening seconds of defiant and puzzling chugging but the music quickly does a one-eighty and pummels into erratic, breakneck riffing more akin to grind. They keep it technically engaging throughout the disc with speedy time changes and eclectic drumming. Each song brings novel and proactive riffs to the table, constantly re-emerging from the accelerated tempo with seconds of slowed and beefy sludge. High-speed isn’t without its costs and many facets of the music are lost in a consistent stream of blasts and fleeting finger work. There are similarities to Agroaphobic Nosebleed, but the songs are slightly longer and bring to mind Pig Destroyer’s brand of disarray. There is little sense of order and their technique leaves much to be desired. Regardless, it’s a solid and creative effort that will certainly gain them a lot of attention. (Selfmadegod)