Antifreeze The Search for Something More

After their cookie-cutter pop punk debut, Four Letter Words, Antifreeze’s sophomore album, the somewhat ironically and very appropriately titled The Search For Something More, provides a welcome respite from the all too typical drudgery of current pop punk. While Antifreeze are not playing with a whole new deck of cards, they have evidently grown beyond the three-chord pop punk of their first record. With a slightly more mature sound this time around, The Search sounds more like recent Ataris or Liars Academy material. Featuring two main vocalists and songwriters in the form of the very capable Tim Crowley and Jon Tyler, there is great enough variation on this disc from song to song to keep things interesting. The standout track here is the emotional and powerful "Learning To Forget,” a crushingly beautiful song about the failure of a relationship, and the pain of looking back to recognise your mistakes. With a strength of songwriting and lyricism that betrays the young age of the members of Antifreeze, The Search for Something More is a solid effort from a band sure to prove themselves worthy contenders in the pop punk arena. (Kung Fu)