Anthrax Attack of the Killer A's

Even people who never really liked Anthrax have a favourite song by the NYC troupe. Whether it be original, cover, rap, thrash, major label or not, Anthrax has at least a casual fan in the lot of us. I don't think diehard fans will have much interest in this "best of" collection. Unless fans are completists, they've probably already drooled a gallon or two in salute of "Bring the Noise," "Madhouse," "Indians," "Inside Out," "Room For One More" and "I Am the Law." These fans may be interested in the Al Jourgenson remixes of "Hy Pro Glo" and "Potter's Field" and the cover of "Ball of Confusion," featuring a wack of ex-members. The casual fan may have more use for this, but ultimately Killer A's seems really unnecessary. (Beyond)