Anthiliawaters The Miles Without You

Born in the early ’90s as one of the forerunners for experimental electronic music in and around North America, Miami, FL’s Isophlux Records has reappeared in 2008 after a good seven years off. And they’re coming back solid with a great-looking website and active blog; the label has also been re-releasing historic Isophlux techno tracks in mp3 format. However, the true icing on the cake is spread by artist collective Anthiliawaters and their new release, which proudly brandishes the Isophlux logo. The Miles Without You takes listeners through a dub-y down-tempo soundscape interspersed with deep techno grooves. A melding of lounge, electro, vocals and space noise, this bass-woven techno journey’s proclaimed focus is to get people moving in their day. This is clear via tracks like "Morning Coffee” and "Time.” "Invisible” carries a rare techno-funky style that can’t be beat. And even when the album progresses into darker and more profound areas, the upbeat feeling never fades out. (Isophlux)