Anotomica The String Quartet Tribute to Tool

Originally released as two separate discs in 2001 and 2003 respectively, this collection of classically-arranged Tool tracks has obvious similarities to Apocalyptica’s Metallica cover project. The difference, however, is that where recreating Metallica’s conventional heavy metal sound for strings was a relatively easy undertaking, if not a gimmicky novelty, Tool’s music is inherently more nuanced and complex. It actually lends itself perfectly to a classical interpretation. All the fan favourites, save and except for "Forty Six & 2,” are here. But fear not, despite the use of strings, project arranger Jim McMillen has ensured that the heaviness of the original songs is kept. You’ll be amazed at how percussive viola and cello can be made to sound when used in a certain way. But be warned, it’s only interesting in small doses. Sitting through two discs of this stuff can become a little much. (Vitamin)