Anorexia Nervosa Redemption Process

Taking Wagnerian grandeur to new epic proportions, Redemption Process by France’s Anorexia Nervosa irreverently celebrates melody and violence. The band’s fourth full length, Redemption Process comes after a three-year delay and a label switch, and proves worth the wait. A formidable production, seeding classical-inspired delicacy into heights of crushing power, Redemption Process beguiles, pummels, and grooves. If black metal can be said to have "hits,” "Sister September” is destined to be one, fusing the intensity of Anorexia Nervosa’s oppositions into one brutally haunting track. Other moments on the album explode in eviscerating operatics or terrorising blasts of extreme metal. Anorexia Nervosa prove once and for all that symphonic black metal is not always best when birthed in frozen Nordic climes. (Listenable)