Anonymus Chapter Chaos Begins

Dare I compare an established and respected Quebec death metal band to Trivium? Give Chapter Chaos Begins a listen and you’ll definitely hear the similarities. At times Anonymus’ fifth full-length does indeed radiate tinges of the ever-popular Trivium. But don’t take it as a negative connotation, because ‘Chapter Chaos Begins’ is actually a kickass album, especially as you listen past the first few tracks. Another cool thing about Anonymus is that all three members of the Quebec-bred trio contribute in substantial ways to the vocals of the album, which leads to some pretty interesting variation in the singing along the way. This tidbit is made all the more impressive considering what a fury this band summon from their respective instruments. Riffs that sound like classic Slayer chugging or intricate new era thrash bands like the Crown can both be heard on this album. Chapter Chaos Begins has got a great array of headbanging devastation, and some toe-tapping groove — it’s even got a pretty cool all-French song. If only these guys were as big as Roadrunner’s heavy metal darlings we’d feel no shame in enjoying their repertoire. (Galy)