Annihilation Time III: Tales of the Ancient Age

Annihilation Time III: Tales of the Ancient Age
It’s time to throw away the musical comparisons. Sure, every piece of literature about any of Annihilation Time’s three albums seems to mention their sound being derivative of bands like Black Flag, Black Sabbath, etc. But actually listening to their recent release, III: Tales of the Ancient Age, it’s pretty apparent that a case of beer and a raging party have more bearing on their sound than anything else. With one album on a failed label and another self-released, their third album brings the fast and heavy fury of punk rock mixed with ’80s style hardcore and ripping metal guitars. For fans of bands to bro-down to (think Municipal Waste), Tales of the Ancient Age brings ten adequately produced tracks jam-packed with slick solos, sinister vocals and smarter than expected lyrics. Songs like "Jones Town” and "Just Gusslin’” are must-haves for summertime soundtracks to good times. Prepare to be annihilated.

What made you decide to release the new album on Tee Pee rather than yourselves?
Guitarist Graham Clise: I met Tony. He immediately seemed like a cool, honest dude. I checked out the label and it looked like a good idea. Not to mention, if we put out the record ourselves, we would probably half-ass it on the business side of things.

The new album is called Tales of the Ancient Age. What "age” are you referring to?
Ancient Age is a really cheap whisky that makes you do stupid things. I thought it was funny because it sounds deep to people who don’t know and the cover art is supposed to be depicting the future fucked-up world; it all fit so well.

Is there any one band you’re tired of being compared to?
Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. Both of those bands kick tons of ass but I don’t think we sound anything like them. It’s an uncomfortable comparison.

What’s the crowd at an Annihilation Time show like?
All kinds of different people dig it because it doesn’t fit into any one musical category — people that like metal, punk, rock, hardcore or whatever you want to call it. The one thing that’s always the same is drunk people acting like assholes! They make us play to the best of our ability. (Tee Pee)