Annie Forced To Remove Girls Aloud Duet From New Album

Annie Forced To Remove Girls Aloud Duet From New Album
Annieticipation for the upcoming second album by Norway's Annie is extremely high, but apparently not for UK pop sensations Girls Aloud.

Fact is reporting that Annie has been forced to remove a song called "My Love Is Better" from her new album, Don't Stop, because she never asked for permission to incorporate unused vocals from a Girls Aloud demo into the song, which has been described as a "call-and-response"-type duet. Both songs were produced by Brian Higgins.

A source close to Girls Aloud reportedly said: "The Girls can't believe Brian didn't let them know first. Brian often writes songs by stitching together parts from several other songs. But basing a song for another artist around the Girls' demo vocals is cheeky of him, to put it mildly."

No word has been given as to whether the removal of the song from the tracklisting will delay Don't Stop's July release date.

Richard X and Xenomania are also credited as producers for the album, and guests include Franz Ferdinand front-man Alex Kapranos.

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