Annette Farrington Azure Wonder & Lust

Having always been a fan of the female-fronted ethereal-gothic style of music, I was pleased to discover this little gem of a side project from Opium Den front-woman Annette Farrington. Next to the programming wizardry of Anthony J. Resta, her crystal clear vocals lift us up and take us through ten tracks of aural bliss. Moments of Kate Bush and Curve come shining through, but you don't get the sense that you've heard these songs before. There is a passionate quality to her voice - both sexy and operatic - yet she can also sound as angelic as Liz Fraser ever did. She has the kind of voice that penetrates and resonates to your very core. Resta is no slouch in the programming (and producing) departments, either. His varied styles give us a taste of everything from trip-hop to more orchestral sounding arrangements, all making a perfect backdrop for Farrington's vocals. It all works beautifully. (Castle von Buhler)