Annalise Here's to Hope

While the comparison may be a little lofty, the best way to describe Annalise’s powerful melodic punk sound is to evoke memories of the Clash’s self-titled debut. Annalise won’t likely go on to change the face of popular music, but they are sure to continue writing catchy, meaningful songs that evoke their English homeland while transcending geographic barriers. Having not released a record since 2001’s Versus Everything, the band have built up a lot to sing about, hashing out their personal lives and relationships over a backing of driving pop-punk that is catchy as hell without sounding compromised in any way. The song "Time Capsule” seems to, appropriately, encapsulate exactly what is right with the band, distilling the failure of a relationship down to one simple photograph and a killer melody. Keeping the positive attitude that has taken the band this far after ten years of existence, all the songs on Here’s to Hope brim with the same joyful energy. (No Idea)